Shower tray

It is composed of a mixture of resins, mineral fillers and coated with Gel Coat. The resin shower trays are manufactured in a single compact piece of colored and extra-flat mass, which makes it possible to place them at ground level, for maximum accessibility.


It is one of the most popular options for renovating the bathroom, as they can be made to measure or cut on site. Its design is perfect for minimalist environments and are available in 6 standard colors and RAL color chart that will help us combine them with the rest of the elements of our bathroom, creating a unique and perfectly integrated design.

Walls panels

Shower panels are the fastest and most practical option to personalize the walls of any shower. The installation is very simple, and can be easily cut to fit any wall and stick to it with any adhesive. They are totally waterproof, 100% resistant and very easy to clean and maintain. The elegance of its finish and the range of colors in which it can be produced provide great decorative possibilities.